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    Are you looking for getting your air tested for quality in Toronto, GTA? Want to ensure a safe and healthy environment at your home & office? Air Quality Index (AQI) in toronto can go upto PM2.5 AQI – 58. Stop breathing contaminated air filled with pollutants. Get professional help from experts. We often forget how harmful is the air we breathe in. From our homes to the office to educational institutes and more, the majority of the air is surrounded by chemicals, hazardous gasses, living organisms such as mold and pests. These pollutants affect our health in many ways such as allergies and more.


    We offer best indoor air quality testing services in Toronto which serves as the benchmark for maintaining clean air quality. The process begins with initial testing. In this stage few samples of your air quality are taken and it is sampled for mold, pollen, radon, dust, asbestos, and other endotoxins. The tests from the initial report confirm that which pollutants are found in your house. We provide complete analysis and report of bacteria, mold and other harmful particles in the air.


    Air Quality Testing Service Toronto

    The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. carries extensive research and computerized equipments, lab analysis, thermal imaging, and other rigorous investigation methods to fully examine air in your environment. We are able to dig in deep and find out cause, specific location of mold and other hidden grown particles in your surroundings. At the end of our assessment and investigation, we provide our customers with every detail, from the level and severity of mold to precautionary measures and remedies.


    A lot of people often forget the fact that indoor environments can also be damaging injurious than outdoor air. Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted and leave long term effects on the health of people breathing or living in that air. Our experienced crew detects all sorts of impurity in the air and provides a complete cure because we believe in safeguarding homes and enhancing the lives of our customers.


    When do you need to get your air tested for quality?

    • In case you purchased a new house.
    • If you suspect hidden mold, although you are unable to smell it.
    • If your home inspection found mold, and now you wish to confirm it.
    • In order to comply with the regulations of city ordinance.
    • Residents experience shortness of breath and other breathing problems.
    • Residents experiencing low levels of oxygen, which might lead to lethargic behaviour.

    Moreover, if you smell bad odour around the place, you should give a call to us and we’ll test your house, and find out the real source of the smell.


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    Test Your Indoor Air Quality

    Air Quality Testing /Air Quality Assessment is a brief process that does not take more than a few minutes, and it is conducted under expert supervision, which makes it safe for your family. Indoor air quality pricing may vary as per the size of the property and type of pollutants you want us to test.


    We operate under the guidelines issued by the Government of Canada for air quality testing. Moreover, our crew is professional and highly-skilled, and hence we assure that the tests conducted at your place would help identify all contaminations and pollutants. Once the tests have been conducted and analyzed successfully, only then a decision is made regarding the next steps.


    We have been offering air quality testing in Toronto for more than ten years now and have helped hundreds of families clean their home air while boosting a quality lifestyle. Indoor Air quality directly impacts human health, and hence it is advised that regular tests are conducted to ensure ZERO contamination.


    Usually, home air quality is impacted by the cooling and heating design of the house, and sometimes the water damage may also become the reason behind air contamination. Damp surfaces are breeding grounds for mold; air quality testing could help you avoid future mold issues. A professional mold inspection and air test will help you confirm the presence of various types of mold spores. This will help us come up with an effective mold remediation & mold removal plan, so we can provide you safe and healthy indoor environment.

    We Are a professional Air Inspection Company based in Toronto serving surrounding GTA areas. Call us and set an appointment for Indoor Air Quality Testing in Toronto, today. Our team of experts would help you in clearing your indoor air off all contaminations and pollutants. Our other services include Coronavirus cleaning & Attic mold removal.

    FAQs for our clients

    How can I test my indoor air quality?

    To properly determine air quality inside a building, use an air testing device. You can easily purchase an indoor air quality monitor from your nearest superstore. If this is not feasible for you, conduct a surface sampling test, to test for any substances that grow due to poor air quality, such as mold. If you want to test the air quality regularly, install a carbon monoxide alarm to stay vigilant of any sudden issue arising.

    How do I improve my indoor air quality?
    1. The best way to improve your indoor air quality is to start with your house’s ventilation. Ensure that all vents are clean and free from mold.
    2. Invest in a good quality humidifier to control the level of humidity inside.
    3. Similarly, change your AC’s filters and ducts regularly to guarantee clean air supply around the house.
    4. If possible, buy an indoor plant to freshen up the air inside, as it will improve the overall air quality.
    What are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality?

    If you constantly feel suffocated due to lack of ventilation, with a stuffy nose, irritated throat, and itchy eyes, chances are that the indoor air quality of your house is poor. More symptoms of poor indoor air quality include high humidity inside the house, damage to infrastructure from moisture buildup, such as peeling wallpaper, leaky tiles and a bad odor around the house.

    What is the impact of poor indoor air quality?

    Impact of poor indoor air quality can be either immediate or long-term, with both of them being dangerous. Immediate effects include allergies being triggered, dizziness, fatigue, aggravated asthma symptoms, and irritated eyes, nose, and throat. Long term effects range from respiratory illnesses, eye problems, and in rare cases, lung or eye cancers.

    Can poor indoor air quality be a result of mold?

    If your house is not ventilated well, it easily harbors mold. Since mold grows effortlessly in moist and warm environments, it’s easy for the air-borne spores to completely pollute the indoor air quality. Hence, it is possible for your indoor air quality to worsen as a result of growing mold, be it behind the wallpapers, under the carpets, or inside the upholstery. To evaluate whether your indoor air quality has worsened as a result of mold, invest in a good quality mold inspection kit.

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    Sesilia Quintanilla
    Sesilia Quintanilla
    20:50 12 May 20
    Just an overall amazing team . I called in because I had noticed a musty smell & some mold growing on our basement... wall. Antonio came in inspected (free of cost ) and then came up with a plan.The next day the crew came in and completed the job . The team made us feel very comfortable and assured us that we would be safe throughout the process. They truly made us feel comfortable...Very professional! Very informative ! . I would definitely recommend this company ..thank you again !read more
    Cassandra Beale
    Cassandra Beale
    12:53 30 Apr 20
    The best crew to get the dirty work done! If you're looking for experience, they have it! If you're looking for... quality, they have it, if you're looking for professionals, that's them! They're also very kind hearted and will go the extra mile to ensure that the job you want is done to your liking! If you want the job done right, this is the crew for you! I'm very satisfied with the quality of work I recivied. They were quick and efficient. If I ever have a mold problem again I will contact them.. But I probably won't because these guys are the best!read more
    Brandon Tito
    Brandon Tito
    12:44 30 Apr 20
    I contacted The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. for an ongoing issue with some mold in my basement.. The crew did an amazing... job at prioritizing my needs as a new client.. My family appreciates all the measures you have taken to ensure are safety as well as yours.. I highly recommend anyone with issues to contact the Ultimate Mold Crew as they'll take care of you!read more
    Helen B
    Helen B
    04:47 30 Apr 20
    I'm impressed with their work by far. Not a mess left after they completed the job in my basement. I HIGHLY recommend... them! Thanks again!!read more
    N McCatty
    N McCatty
    04:24 30 Apr 20
    I had the pleasure of working with the Ultimate Mold Crew. They were hired to remove mold from my attic after a water... leak. They were very considerate and professional. They go above and beyond to ensure you are pleased with their services. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs inspection or mold more
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