Mold is a fungi, which is typically one of the thousands of fungi species in our world. This fungus has a main purpose and that purpose is to break down dead organic matter. Mold takes its form in many areas including where we like to live. There is just so much organic material in our homes giving mold the perfect food source. Such materials are drywall, wood, clothes; the list can go on and on. Mold in simple terms is a living organism and is alive, it requires air, food and water to survive. Mold strives to replicate itself allowing tiny spores into the air to spread freely.
Once the mold spores become airborne because they are so lightweight and tiny, the spores can easily be taken by the air all around your home. Not just your home but also into your lungs and nasal cavities. Some describe the symptoms to the exposure of mold as flu like symptoms or cold like symptoms. Exposure to mold spores may lead to symptoms of sickness such as runny nose, irritated eyes, coughing, or even skin irritation. On a severe scale those who have a history of asthma are more prone to develop more intense reactions. Those also with mold allergies are more likely to develop more severe symptoms. This make mold removal & cleanup in toronto so mandatory.
A key preventative measure to take, as a defense against mold growth, would be moisture control. Look out for these signs of mold at your home. You should keep a keen eye on certain areas of your home and make sure not to disregard certain musty smells nor visible water staining on ceilings, walls etc. Always make sure to have proper ventilation within parts of the home where moisture builds up the most. Some of these places are as followed: window sills, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry room. If we learn to control this factor then we prevent future mold issues. Lets get in touch with leading mold removal company in toronto, GTA region and get rid of mould issues at the earliest. You can also reach us here on google maps.
Mold Continues to grow through its tiny spores, which become airborne. Here is the break down on some “Key elements” that push mold spores reproduction:

Moisture/ Water

One of the main ingredients that mold needs to thrive is moisture/water to grow. Whether it is coming from a leaky pipe, trickling water from a crack by your window or any other source. Some primary spots where mold loves to grow is in your washrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. So why these places you ask? That is because these locations in your home tend to consistently produce humidity due to excessive use of stoves/ovens, laundry machines and showering. Therefore, with humidity condensation is built up over time producing moisture i.e. molds water source.


Another ingredient mold needs to survive is some sort of food form. So what does mold eat? There is a term we like to use called porous material, which basically means a type of material that easily absorbs fluids/water. Some of these items include wood, cotton, drywall, beds; the list can go on and on. Mold spores cling on to these materials and with the material becoming an easy water absorbent, mold now has a body to cling on and grow.

Air/ Temperature

Mold spores are very resilient and can survive in the most severe environments, however molds best environment to grow are in damp and humid conditions. At a humidity rate of 50% or higher with the proper food source, mold is surely to grow. Therefore, it is recommended to get your air tested for quality in toronto for effective mold remediation.

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