Essential Tips For Disinfecting Your Home During COVID Pandemic


Updated on 13-Jun-2021

During the coronavirus pandemic, house cleaning tips and recommendations by house cleaning experts in toronto are much sought after. Get some simple tips to help yourself during this pandemic!

Coronavirus is on the World Health Organization’s top 10 worst diseases to get sick because it has the worst symptoms in the family. The symptoms of COVID -19 can include cough and fever, and it can also infect others in your household, or if more people are exposed together, a higher chance of the spread of the disease would be possible. There is a case that has been confirmed in Toronto Canada. A housemaid reported she had COVID-19 and started showing symptoms after spending over a week with a patient who had coronavirus, though she did not develop it in the last three weeks.

We are now in the third stage in the covid-19 epidemic. The first two stages focused on the spread of the virus and the second stage focused on the death of a small number of people. Now we are at the third stage where the only people surviving covid-19 are those who are under the age of two and are immuno-compromised. But even those who have been infected by the virus are not immune to it. They tend to get sick more rapidly and often suffer a more severe illness.

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COVID 19: Cleaning of home in Toronto

These are some COVID 19 home cleaning tips that are suggested by our Coronavirus cleaning experts in toronto in an effort to keep our health and our family safe and healthy.

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These are based on our experiences, thoughts, feedback from other house cleaning experts, online tips, and personal experiences of us.

1. Wear a pair of surgical masks or a biohazard mask that covers your mouth and nose

Before you clean your home, you need to wear the mask or other biohazard that contains the protection of 99% air and 100% water while cleaning your home. Wear these masks when cleaning toilets and bathrooms to avoid getting germs and bacteria on the door sills. While you are cleaning, wash your hands using soap and warm water.

2. Wash your hands with hot or warm water before preparing foods or use cooking utensils, and before eating

When you clean a house, you need to wash your hands while you are in the kitchen as soon as possible after you get home, right after

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3. Cleaning of cleanroom and other areas.

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Steps for effective COVID Home cleaning

These steps can be added to those in standard room sterilisation procedures. They may not be required for surface cleaning.

Use of disinfectants

Contaminated or infected surfaces such as door handle, handle of door, faucet or sink, taps and toilets. The products should not damage the surfaces.

Wet floors

All materials that contain water such as fabrics, carpets, curtains and towels that are not properly dried, or items that contain water inside should be removed carefully.

Tissues and tissues

Contaminated or infected tissues. Keep them covered. Do not open them or touch them with a wash cloth.

Air purifiers

The air purifier filters the air to eliminate the infectious particles. When the air is too humid, the air purifiers have to be adjusted to maintain the correct air humidity.

Forced or high-scent cleaning

High-scent (hot) cleaners are used in rooms with high humidity. It is not recommended to use them to clean toilet cisterns, drains and pipes.


This is an appropriate type of cleaning and it is recommended to maintain masks in the cleaning areas.

Enabling disinfection

This can be done by enabling disinfection with the use of disinfectant. All the disinfectant liquids should be thoroughly used on the surfaces so disinfection is complete.

For the purpose of disinfection or cleaning, all the surfaces should be washed with the soap and the disinfectants such as soap and disinfectant solution.

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The surfaces should be disinfected immediately if they are highly contaminated with bacteria and viruses which may make you sick

How do I keep safe during covid 19?

During this outbreak, there are many things we should do to stay safe.

These are the main strategies to follow:

• Avoid close contact with people with covid 19.

• Avoid direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

• Take care if you are sick.

• Avoid physical contact with anyone who is sick or has covid 19.

• Stay at home as much as possible.

• Avoid contact with large crowds.

• Ensure good ventilation.

• Get plenty of rest.

This page lists all the products and equipment used for home cleaning during the outbreak of covid-19.

After covid-19 has been declared the outbreak has come to an end and after two months of the covid-19 outbreak, more and more people are finding out that it is not as dangerous to have a clean home that as having a clean home that looks clean. Many people who clean their homes, especially the houses of elderly people, are finding out that having a clean home, and therefore, having clean and healthy house for ageing becomes essential to keeping a healthy body.

Many people are going from their house to the supermarket and the supermarket to the hospital and the hospital for medical treatment. The reason to do this is that the person may be getting some symptoms of covid-19 and there is some indication of it.

If the symptoms turn out to be confirmed than home cleaning becomes more important. It is very important to have the cleaning and cleaning that can be done easily.

You must make efforts to find out the suitable cleaner which needs to be used and for this, you will have to consider the type of cleaning which is suitable for the type of material that is used for a particular home.