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    Need to remediate mold from your home or office? Looking for best mold removal in toronto? Our team is equipped to deal with any type of mold in your house. Our team is adept in mold detection, removal and remediation. We follow all government set standards and protocols and provide mold removal services all across Toronto. We have over ten years of experience and stand behind our mold remediation services. Our qualified team does all it can to make sure that it provides you with a safe, healthy, and mold-free home.

    If you find signs of mold in your home, you need to call a professional mold remediation company right away. You can remove the mold on your own, but usually, households lack the skill and proper equipment to do so. And if you don’t know how to do it, you will only end up spreading it or damaging your property.

    If your house has mold in it or if you think it does, the next step is to get it checked out. Our team of professionals would love to help you get rid of mold from your home. Since it is a health and safety matter that can affect the lifestyle of your loved ones, it is best to let experts do mold remediation the right way.

    Here at The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc., we provide the top tier mold removal in Toronto and GTA. Our team of professionals has years of experience, and we consider ourselves experts in mold remediation. Don’t let mold take over your life, get help with testing, remediation, and removal of mold. We also provide Free Mold Inspection as well as coronavirus cleaning torontoattic mold removal,air quality testingdemolition, rebuild & renovation solutions


    Is There Mold In Your Home?

    Mold can grow on any surface inside your house. It can affect different areas. You can usually tell by discoloration; the mold can be black, white, green, blue, or red. The surface also changes a little. It can get rough, and irregularities can show up. As it usually grows in areas that aren’t used a lot, it can grow in some inaccessible areas where you can’t see it. The best option is to hire professionals and let them do air quality testing of your home in toronto.

    Some allergies can also come up in people due to mold. If that’s the case, you should pay close attention to yourself. See if leaving a certain room or the house makes the allergy go away. The irritation and itchiness are obvious signs that you can look out for.

    There are over 100,000 types of mold which includes Allergenic, Pathogenic & Toxigenic Molds. You never know which is taking place in your home or workplace until you get it tested. The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. is an experienced and certified professional mold remediation company in Toronto. We do thorough testing and check all the parts of the house that are susceptible to mold growth.

    We offer emergency mold remediation in Toronto and a long list of satisfied customers stands testament to our impeccable mold remediation services.


    What Causes Mold Growth?

    Mold thrives in humidity and moisture. Surfaces like drywall, fabric, and wood are perfect spots for mold to grow. Laundry room, bathroom, and kitchens are also prone to mold. They usually don’t get thoroughly cleaned, and mold can start covering areas inside cabinets, under sinks, and behind washing machines.

    Food items and other organic materials like paper, cloth, and starch can also get infected. Though you can throw these away and they are not that much of a worry. Still, be careful about it. Letting food rest in your kitchen or fridge can cause health problems for you and your family.

    High temperatures can also promote mold growth. Wall cracks and pipe leakage is also a significant reason for the mold. If your house has been flooded due to some reason, it is now at high risk.

    Houses with wooden floors should take extra care and be aware of mold spread. A portion of the flooring that always stays wet and covered can catch mold pretty quickly. Mold can be very toxic to humans, so it is best to take care of it immediately. If you are in the Toronto or GTA, you can hire The Ultimate Mold Crew inc to take care of Residential Mold Removal, Detection & Inspection in toronto and make sure it never comes back again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To remove the mold from hard surfaces of kitchen and baths, use undiluted vinegar. You can also use regular bleach but make sure that it is diluted. One cup of bleach should be mixed with 1 gallon of water. Hydrogen peroxide is another mold killing solution. If the mold is greater than 10 square feet, it is best to call a professional.
    Prepare for proper moisture control measures. Use a humidifier to keep the humidity level under 60% or below, as desired.
    Improve the airflow at your house to warrant that there is proper ventilation.
    Ensure all household surfaces are clean and dry at all times to reduce chances of mold to grow.
    Similarly, if there are any leaks, repair them on time and monitor your rooms and spaces regularly.
    Take measures against having a damp environment at home.
    Time taken to remove mold depends on various factors, such as the intensity of mold, type of mold, how much mold is present, and where the mold is growing. On an average, mold removal processes take from 1 to 5 days. During the remediation, its best to stay elsewhere, especially if you are mold-sensitive, as removing mold infestation can be dangerous to health.
    Exposure to mold and damp environment can lead to a variety of health issues, depending on the amount of mold growing and an individual’s sensitivity to mold; people that are sensitive and prone to allergies may face harsher affects than those who aren’t. Some symptoms which arise from mold include headaches, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, red eyes, and patchy skin at times. If you are facing similar symptoms, check for mold in your home.
    Mold remediation includes taking fast action against mold to ensure that it does not spread beyond easy control. After identifying the source of mold, which is commonly in damp spaces, such as bathrooms, air vents, etc., use antimicrobial application as the first step to mold’s corrective remedy, followed by air filtration, containment, removal, and cleanup. After cleanup, invest in a humidifier to ensure that the humidity level stays low at your house.
    Due to mold’s dangerous properties to one’s health, its best to hire a professional to remove mold from your attic, as they have proper chemical solutions and treatments to combat it. If you wish to carry out the process yourself, use wire brushes, dry ice blasting, or HEPA vacuuming methods. To ensure mold is completely removed without any signs of regrowth, its best to adjust the ventilation of the attic while carrying out the process and after as well.
    Mold is reproduced by spores which are carried by air currents; hence, it’s common for mold to grow in areas where moisture is present in excess or in warm and damp temperatures. This can be either indoor or outdoor. When these air-borne spores land on a moist surface, they start growing. There are some materials which are prone to mold growth more than others, such as cellulose, plastic, and concrete.
    While anyone can easily carry out mold remediation and the process might seem tempting to do so; it is best to have a license and proper training to do mold remediation, as direct contact with mold is hazardous to health, especially if done without protective gear and good quality chemical solutions. If mold is a growing concern in your area, its best to invest in a training program to learn professional mold remediation.

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    It is great deal with them, I had a positive experience. I would highly recommend this firm.
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    16:25 19 Jun 21
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    James Amand
    10:03 06 Apr 21
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    Dewayne Herren
    Dewayne Herren
    04:42 15 Dec 20
    They did a phenomenal job, great attention to detail. They wore mask and gloves and made sure everything was sanitized... properly, furniture, cabinets inside and out and windows. They were conscientious about not using strong smelling products. Best covid disinfection company in my more
    Michael Major
    Michael Major
    05:42 15 Oct 20
    Thank you Ultimate mold crew for not only solving our mold issue but also disinfected our home! I don’t know if it is... humanly possible to be more grateful, especially with everything you now see daily about the virus!!! I sleep a little easier knowing I am doing everything in my power to try and keep my family safe. The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. truly provided peace of mind by doing what they do bestread more
    Richard Stafford
    Richard Stafford
    17:22 27 Sep 20
    The guys at The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. are not only great at their profession but a genuinely kind and helpful people.... They spent the appropriate amount of time doing a thorough inspection and evaluation. They offered realistic recommendations for the remediation. They are also professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!read more
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