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    Hamilton Mold Removal & Remediation

    Mold Inspection, Removal & Remediation in Hamilton Ontario is Performed by licensed, certified and experienced mold remediation technicians. Get a Free Mold Removal Quote in Hamilton, ON today! We are #1 top rated experts in mold removal & remediation experts. We also provide mold inspection services. Call us now! 

    Our highly skilled and certified IICRC mold removal specialists provide efficient and effective mold testing. We ensure eliminating all the dangerous spores and the root cause of it, starting from buildings to homes and other precious possessions. We also sometimes refer to third-party experts such as hygienists and inspectors to double-check the environment’s cleanliness. This helps us provide permanent control of no future conflicts, ensuring you and your loved one’s safety.

    We understand your needs. It is our job. We can provide a complete estimate, including photos, to the agent or Adjuster within 24-48 hours. Our commitment to excellence includes you, which means you can expect effective and ongoing communication and report from us. Each independently owned and operated Ultimate Mold Crew Office works with environmental professionals (IEPs) and laboratories in an effort to protect you and your family from potentially dangerous mold situations. Mold removal professionals in Hamilton are trained and ready to mitigate mold losses and meet all challenges with professionalism, reliability, compassion, and respect. All  of our products are 100% eco-friendly so that you and your family are well taken care of. Need mold detection and removal? No worries we provide services  in the GTA region including Markham, Brampton, Mississauga , North York and surrounding areas in Ontario . 


    Certified Mold Remediation In Hamilton

    With our 10 years of experience and award-winning mold removal services you get the best facilities from small to large mold remediation projects, grow ops and mold in attics we take care of everything. Our licensed team focuses on the entire building, our aim is to fully end mold from your area so that you and your family can enjoy life at its fullest. Our team makes sure our customers are satisfied and guaranteed quality work.

    Best mold removal experts in Hamilton & nearby areas

    Our Hamilton Mold Removal & Remediation Services Include:

     – *Free Mold inspection*s Hamilton

     – Cold Room/Cold Storage Mold Removal Hamilton

     – Bedroom Mold Removal

     – Attic Mold Removal Hamilton

     – Kitchen Mold Removal Hamilton

     – Plaster Mold Removal

     – Foundation Mold Removal

     – Window Mold Removal

     – Bathroom Mold Removal Hamilton

     – Crawlspace Mold Removal

     – Basement Mold Removal Hamilton

     – Ceiling Mold Removal

     – Drywall Mold Removal

     – Concrete Mold Removal

    Mold Inspection Remediation Hamilton ON

    – Deep cleaning – We treat mold-damaged property like it is our own. Ultimate Mold Crew’s mold removal experts use the latest technology to identify both mold and the source of moisture that feeds it.

    – Continuous Communication – We keep you informed at every step of the cleaning process to make sure everyone involved understands what is happening and what to expect.

    – Certified Mold Removal Specialists – Ultimate Mold Crew technicians are fully screened, insured, and exceptionally qualified to remedy property damage.

    – Latest Technology – UMC professionals first identify the extent of the problem and then work carefully and sensitively to rescue the affected area and restore it to normal conditions.

    We offer:

    – Complete mold removal

    – Deodorization

    – Cleaning and sanitation of the structure, accessories and content

    – Containment in the affected area (s)

    – HEPA air filtration and HEPA vacuum cleaning and much more

    The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. knows the importance of having a healthy, mold-free home. Contact us today so we can help you with all your mold removal needs in Hamilton!

    Mold Inspection, detection & expert removal Hamilton ontario

    Need For Mold Removal In Hamilton

    Some of the most common types of mold found in residential areas in & around Hamilton are Cladosporium,  Penicillium, Alternaria, Aspergillus. 

    in Toronto

    Mold can grow in all kinds of places, but it’s most often found in damp indoor spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements. The spores of mold are microscopic and often invisible, so it’s hard to tell if mold has developed until it causes symptoms such as eye irritation or allergies. Mold is found in many different places including homes, schools and businesses; but it’s most common in damp areas such as bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces or attic spaces that are not ventilated properly. This is why it’s so important to keep your home dry during rainy season.

    Mold Problems

    Mold can create a variety of health problems, including allergic reactions in people with asthma or other breathing problems. It may also affect your family members by causing them to cough or sneeze and by making their skin itch or break out in hives (urticaria). Some types of mold release toxins into the air that may cause symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

    Conditions that may be affected by exposure to mold include:* Asthma* Respiratory tract infections* Eye irritation* Nausea

    Mold Causes

    Molds start forming when there’s a change in the humidity level. This can occur when you leave a damp towel on the floor or leave the bathroom faucet dripping after taking a shower. It also occurs when your AC unit isn’t working properly.

    Molds can also be caused by other factors, including:

    -Occupants who smoke or use drugs -People who cook with oil or fat -People who constantly wash their hands -People with allergies

    There are a few factors that create the conditions for mold growth. Your environments being the most common that have levels and/or excesses of the following:

    Unwanted Heat, Oxygen, Darkness, Humidity & air dampness.However, with these issues being fairly common throughout the average home, the biggest culprit for mold development is moisture.

    The typical reasons for this range being the presence of leaks (roof, tubes) and the accumulation of condensation due to poor ventilation. Particularly vulnerable areas are basements and damp spots usually left to stand for mold conditions to grow.

    Reactions to mold, and its variations, come in the form of certain symptoms, usually caused by an allergic reaction or possible infection.Mold allergies, being the most common symptom, can mimic other common conditions such as hay fever or typical fever.

    Most likely are what to expect, among other similar reactions.In more severe cases, with stronger symptoms, some toxic mold form is usually a suspect. In the case of infections, it is usually the result of an airborne mold that is inhaled. The most susceptible to these types are the elderly or those with weakened immune systems.


    The length of the mold removal process varies depending on the situation and the size of the affected area. If the mold is confined to a small, localized area, it may take a day to remove. If the mold is in several areas of the house or the affected area is large enough it may take 2-4 days to remedy.


    Whenever mold removal is complete, containment enclosures, as well as negative air and air cleaners, are left in place for an additional 24-48 hours. This ensures that all existing mold spores are killed and thorough air exchange is completed. During an inspection with The Ultimate Mold Crew, we will be able to provide you with a specific framework for your project and define the number of days the process will take. This will allow you to be able to plan properly and have complete knowledge of the entire process.


    There are a few steps in which you can reduce the risk of mold growth. These are common stocks that a homeowner can take, but are not 100% collateral solutions.

    Keep the humidity as low as you can – no more than 50% – all day. An air conditioner or dehumidifier will help keep the level low. Keep in mind that humidity levels change over the course of a day with changes in air humidity and air temperature, so you will need to check the humidity levels. more than once a day Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier during humid months.

    The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. knows how easy it is to have a mold issue in your home of office. Being a part of the home that is rarely used or visited, small issues that may have been fixed or avoided can be easily overlooked. If you have concerns that there might be mold in your attic, contact The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc for Mold removal in Hamilton.

    and we will send one of our experts to inspect and remove the mold.   Our skilled technicians provide excellent removal services at affordable rates.  please feel free to contact or schedule a technician to inspect your home.

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    Helena Agaev
    19:18 10 Nov 21
    The team inspected the basement and made a quick and thorough work of removing the mold. I really appreciated how they... took their time to explain the problem and offer solutions to prevent its reoccurring. Communication was A+++. Would definitely recommend this company.read more
    Peter Toohey
    Peter Toohey
    08:16 10 Nov 21
    Great to deal with. Work was finished on time and professionally as promised. The owner was very helpful and walked me... through the process. My attic is now mold free!read more
    Melyssa Hutson
    Melyssa Hutson
    20:53 28 Sep 21
    I was very impressed with Ultimate Mold Crew’s professionalism and responsiveness. They demolished my whole basement in... two days, and cleaned the mold from the walls. Very impressed and I would highly recommend.read more
    Landen Kennedy
    Landen Kennedy
    22:29 15 Aug 21
    It is great deal with them, I had a positive experience. I would highly recommend this firm.
    Christopher Sims
    Christopher Sims
    12:25 19 Jul 21
    Reliable, professional and fast! I needed mold removed urgently due to closing and they were able to provide mold... remediation asap!read more
    James Marshall
    James Marshall
    15:52 09 Jul 21
    If anyone looking for mold removal in GTA, contact this company & they will provide the best quotes out of all the... companies I contacted. I was very lucky that I hired them & they did the great job. I am extremely happy.read more
    James d
    James d
    18:56 01 Jul 21
    We have had a variety of mold issues from a knock down and rebuild. Each time we have found mold, Ultimate Mold Removal... was easy to deal with and they were quick to visit our property and remove it. highly recommend.read more
    Kittie Cloris
    Kittie Cloris
    16:25 19 Jun 21
    Ultimate mold crew arrived at our house, professionally clarified everything, and dressed for mold testing in... appropriate protective clothing. We were warned to stay away from the contaminated area, which was also isolated. Their Mold Remediation Services in Toronto ON are strongly recommended.read more
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    Sutton Zavala
    18:11 02 Jun 21
    If you need a mold inspection and testing service this company is the best choice. Very prompt in responding and their... work is very thorough.read more
    Matt Selma
    Matt Selma
    18:07 05 May 21
    Very professional, very kind people who truly just want to help. They took the time to understand my exact situation... and offered a ton of advice before helping me. Highly recommended.read more
    James Amand
    James Amand
    10:03 06 Apr 21
    wow, i must say these guys are amazing, they removed mold with such an ease and cleaning was upto the mark. I would... definitely recommend UMC as the best mold removal service in toronto. great work guys.appreciate it.read more
    Dewayne Herren
    Dewayne Herren
    04:42 15 Dec 20
    They did a phenomenal job, great attention to detail. They wore mask and gloves and made sure everything was sanitized... properly, furniture, cabinets inside and out and windows. They were conscientious about not using strong smelling products. Best covid disinfection company in my opinion.read more
    Michael Major
    Michael Major
    05:42 15 Oct 20
    Thank you Ultimate mold crew for not only solving our mold issue but also disinfected our home! I don’t know if it is... humanly possible to be more grateful, especially with everything you now see daily about the virus!!! I sleep a little easier knowing I am doing everything in my power to try and keep my family safe. The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. truly provided peace of mind by doing what they do bestread more
    Richard Stafford
    Richard Stafford
    17:22 27 Sep 20
    The guys at The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. are not only great at their profession but a genuinely kind and helpful people.... They spent the appropriate amount of time doing a thorough inspection and evaluation. They offered realistic recommendations for the remediation. They are also professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!read more
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