When it comes to mold removal the simplest methods can be used. On the contrary, it can become a more complex and challenging procedure to remediate or remove.

An isolation barrier is set up in order to contain the affected area, protecting your health and your home from the spreading of mold spores. Negative air pressure machine with HEPA filtration are placed accordingly within the containment.
Contaminated material is then removed and properly disposed of. We follow strict guidelines in removal of mold contaminated material I.e. drywall, wood etc. We perform various removal techniques and follow the mold guidelines of Canada.

Our fully experienced and certified technicians will perform various cleaning methods that involve: HEPA vacuuming in every inch of the room/section Use of "Environmental Friendly" products while using thorough wiping techniques on all surfaces Preform Encapsulation, if required, after removal and detailed cleaning.




As your one stop professional company if we demolish it down, we can rebuild it back for you if required. We offer other exceptional services that include:

Demolition (interior)
If you don’t want it, then with the help of our demolition experts we can tare it down and dispose it off.
Rebuild (drywall, tiles)
Drywall or Tile installation, no need to worry we do this too.
Painting (interior)

Whether it’s because you’re tired of the same boring color in your home or office or you just want to restore an old one , you can trust our crew to do the job right


Our payment methods are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and certified cheques or drafts drawn in the favor of: The ultimate mold crew INC.