10+ Tips For Protection Against Coronavirus (Home & Outdoor)

Updated on 02-Dec-2021

Protection Against Coronavirus

Even during this ongoing period of stay-at-home or social distancing, there are works for which we occasionally have to leave the house. Everybody wants to go out and get some fresh air for refreshment.

By doing these activities you may keep yourself sane. But at the same time, you are putting yourself at a high risk of potentially contracting Covid-19.

Furthermore, this pandemic routine has increased the number of online deliveries at your doorstep. Do you ever wonder that my stuff can have the coronavirus on it?

How to keep the virus away?

Experts believe that coronavirus can spread even through those who appear asymptomatic, which is why we should stay alert and take all the necessary precautions.

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Tips To Keep COVID Infection AT Bay (Outdoor)

Here we discuss some of the basic Tips for keeping the coronavirus infection away .

Personal hygiene

Yes, we know that you have heard this a million times already but you should pay attention to your personal hygiene. Of all the things we know about the spread of this virus, the most horrifying is that it spreads through the respiratory droplets when a person sneezes or coughs.

Individuals may infect themselves when they touch a surface having virus particles on it and then they touch their own mouth, nose or eyes. To win this fight between humans and this communicable disease, hand hygiene is the best weapon.

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Clean your hands after accepting a parcel or collecting postcards. If you use anybody’s cell phone, then immediately sanitize your hands after that.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20-3 seconds. Scrub them properly.
  • If washing is not possible then do sanitize your hands.
  • While out in a public place, do not touch your face. This may sound simple but is actually very difficult to control.
  • Cover cough or your sneeze with the inside of your elbow or upper arm. This way you will keep yourself and other people safe.

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Practise “Social Distancing”

Always maintain your distance with other people physically. The number of people at any place is not important, but the density is.

Stay at least six feet away from people as it is the estimated distance the respiratory droplets can travel successfully. Protect yourself by staying out of that range.

No contact policy

While greeting your closed ones remember to stay away. Find an alternative way to greet them instead of a hug or shake hand. In this pandemic, no-contact options are far better.

Make a conscious effort to avoid public transport. Think about walking or riding a bicycle for shorter distances.

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Wear a mask

You should always put on your mask while stepping outside your house. This is because individuals infected with the virus may remain asymptomatic but can spread the virus during the first 72 hours.

So, block the significant amount of respiratory secretions by wearing a mask. Your mask will protect you and others as well.

These were some of the precautions which you can follow while going outside. But in your home too, you need to stay precautious.

Indoor Tips To Follow To Keep COVID at Bay

Keep surface clean

As we all know that Covid-19 not only spreads from person to person, but theoretically it can spread by touching a contaminated surface.

When you return from home or have any visitors, keep these tips in mind to immediately disinfect the surfaces of your home.

  • Use the right product

Disinfectants susceptible to the virus should be used for cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

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Commonly EPA registered disinfectants, bleach solutions, or alcohol solutions with 70% concentration can be used.

For mopping floors, phenyl-containing compounds will be best. Just stay alert while storing these cleaners as they can be harmful to children.

Keep them in a temperature-controlled region away from the reach of kids.

  • Use the product right

Before disinfecting, make sure to clean the dirt off the surface. After that, wipe the surface using a suitable disinfectant. Let it stay on the surface for as many minutes as the product label describes.

Leaving the disinfectant on the surface for sometime is a vital step that is oftenly skipped by us. Wiping the surface is not just enough.

The time in which disinfectant stays in contact with the surface is what actually kills the germs or viruses.

  • Clean the right surfaces

With right surfaces the actual meaning is, frequently touched surfaces. Door knobs, tables, light switches etc. should be cleaned routinely.

Do not forget horizontal surfaces such as kitchen tables, countertops or any other surface where the respiratory droplets may land.

  • Don’t reuse disinfectant wipes

Reusing disinfectant wipes on multiple surfaces can lead to the transfer of germs from one surface to another. This will undo all your labor in keeping your house virus-free. Use one wipe for one surface and then throw it away.

Remove your clothes and wash them immediately after coming from a crowded surface. This will stop the spread of virus as a crowded area is a high-risk environment.

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How to deal with a sick family member?

If somebody is sick at your home, you need to pay serious attention to them. To begin with, the most important thing you should do is isolate them immediately.

The sick people should avoid their contact with others especially if you have a kid at home. Practise proper hygiene around them. While doing their laundry, fdo wear disposable gloves.

Unknowingly they can spread germs that will stick on to surfaces for long. So, keep sanitising areas around them frequently. If possible then let them use a separate washroom till the time they are ill.

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Give them their separate utensils for the period. And while washing their dishes, the use of hot water is recommended. Wash your hands properly immediately after cleaning their designated utensils.

Once they are fit again, call for professional help and get your home disinfected.

Don’t let electronics ruin your health

While we are cleaning commonly touched surfaces, a special mention should go to our technical gadgets like mobile phones, laptop, TV remotes etc.

For electronics, use disinfectants with 70% or more alcohol solutions. Only this can help in truly eliminating the virus particles.

Mobile phones should be cleaned properly as we use them even while eating food.

Leave your germs by the door

To remove the number of germs you carry into your house, it is suggested that you should leave your handbags and shoes at the door.

Allot a special place for them to avoid the spread of germs and viruses throughout your home.

Useful tips for the bathroom

Bathrooms must be given a top priority if you are cleaning your house to keep your family safe. It should be cleaned properly to provide protection from the hazardous infections.

  • Surfaces like toilet seat, sink, and shower must be cleaned routinely with appropriate cleaners.
  • Everybody in the family should keep their toothbrushes separate from each other.
  • Do not share hand or body towels with a sick person in the family.

As of now,  the virus is expected to stay with us for many more months or years. To combat this we need to develop these habits as a strong long term strategy.

To help the government in reducing the spread of Covid-19, we all have to contribute by adopting these big life changes. But if we see acutely, then not only in covid time these measures should be followed regularly as a healthy life tip.

Remember that Covid-19 is not the only germ in town. Seasonal influenza, colds and many other viruses are also there.

These measures are securing us from most flus and infections. All of this is important for us. Not to be mistaken, these recommendations are no replacement for vaccination.

The moment you and your family members become eligible for Covid-19 vaccine, grab it!

Getting vaccinated will reduce your risk of contracting the coronavirus.

This pandemic has so much uncertainty in the environment. Even our small efforts may help in getting through this.

Stay safe and protected

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