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Attic Mold Removal Services

Attics are often considered an ideal area for mold growth mainly due to its limited usage. Home owners usually find about attic mold growth only through an insulation installer or a home inspector, else its not until when people set out their property for sale that they know of the ongoing mold activity in attic. It might possibly repel a potential buyer, therefore it is important for households to have their attics checked regularly. Our dexterous team would not only remove the mold in your attic but would permanently plug the source of contamination whilst providing clearance certificates, which would save you from future trouble.

Common causes of Attic Mold

Increase in moisture content remains the primary reason behind mold development. This could happen because of damaged piping, however ventilation issues in attic could also cause condensation which could lead to mold development. In case of attic, mold usually triggers wood rot, which in turn could damage your walls. Mold grows rapidly and needs to be dealt in time before causing lots of damage.

Each house is purpose-built according to the requirements of the owner, however once the property moves from one household to another, it undergoes rapid changes. These adjustments often include installation of bathroom exhausts or insulation upgradation, both have a drastic impact on attic as these increase the moisture content in attic, thereby proffering perfect conditions for mold growth. This is precisely why you need Attic Mold Removal Company and if you are looking for top of the line service, at market competitive rates, then you’ve already at the right place.


Cost of Attic Mold Removal in Toronto

The cost of attic mold removal entirely depends on the dimensions of your attic. The current market rate for attic mold removal in Toronto is around $3.5-$4 per square foot. However, the amount of mold and the current degradation are also important cost determinants. If the mold growth is at the initial stage you’d have to pay less, and on the flip side if the mold has been growing since some time you would have to pay a large amount. Henceforth, it is suggested that as soon as you come to know of attic mold, you immediately contact an attic removal company and fix the situation, as delay would not only degrade your roof but getting rid of it would also cost you more. We offer free inspections, so that our customers can take timely and informed decisions. Moreover, we also offer transferable guarantee to the property which serves as an assurance for new buyers that the mold would not come back.

Which is the most efficient method of removing mold from attic?

There are various techniques which could be used to get rid of attic mold. We use most efficient and cost effective industry proven techniques. We begin with a visual inspection of your roof sheets and insulation, which helps us in determining the severity of mold activity. Upon the basis of inspection we deploy soda blasting, dry ice, and peracetic acid to free your attic of the mold. We use environment friendly products and adhere to best industrial practice thus ensuring customer satisfaction.


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Our Ultimate Procedure for Attic mold removal

The purpose of this remediation is to remove mold from impacted sheathing materials within attic space i.e. plywood, plank, plywood in the while maintaining a clean and safe environment in the remainder of the premises.
1- Set up a poly containment barrier/s or placement of drop sheets around & below the surrounding attic hatch.
2- Full inspection of attic for potential air flow blockages which include pulling back insulation to create proper air flow to best of our ability.
3- Removal of mold from the impacted sheathing/s in the attic with a peracetic acid compound.
4- Removal of thin wood paneling throughout attic
5- Thorough spray and scrub of “full attic”
6- Process will take approx.. 4hours
7- Recommendation letter, before & after images also including a “Clearance Letter” signed by a certified mold inspector in accordance to the Ontario mold standards, will be given upon completion of work


What causes mold in attics?

Mold grows in shady, damp, and warm environments. The main cause of attic mold is poor ventilation. Quite often moisture can drip into the attic floor or seep into the ceilings, especially in warmer months, causing the flooring and ceiling to trap moisture. This creates the perfect environment for mold to grow, as there is no proper airflow drying the moisture.

How can I check ventilation in my attic?

To ensure your attic is properly ventilated to keep it away from mold, it’s important to constantly check the ventilation. You can easily do this by looking at the attic’s eaves and roof. If warm air is escaping the attic, it means that your attic is well ventilated. However, if your attic’s ridges develop ice in winters, it means that your attic ventilation is poor.

What should I do if I find mold in attic?

If you find mold in your attic, you need to remove it as soon as possible. Harboring mold in your attic can cause a lot of dangerous mild and harsh health issues, especially if you have kids at home. Moreover, it can lead to structural deterioration over time. Contact a professional near your house to remove the mold or treat it yourself using distilled vinegar, household bleach, or baking soda, depending on the mold’s nature.

How to prevent attic mold?

The only way to prevent attic mold is through proper prevention measures. Ensure that your attic has good ventilation system and tough insulation, so that the attic does not build up moisture. Install all your vent’s appliances on the outside so there are no leaks inside the house. Similarly, every few months, especially in summers, check for leaks in your roof, as it is the number one cause of mold in attics.

How can we remove attic mold?

Its best to contact a professional to remove attic mold. Specialists with avid knowledge of removing mold with care and protection know what gears and solutions to use for long-term mold removal. However, if you wish to do it yourself, you need to spray distilled vinegar diluted with water on the moldy surface and let it dry, before wiping it off with a clean cloth. For long-term results, invest in a humidifier to install in your attic.

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Sesilia Quintanilla
Sesilia Quintanilla
20:50 12 May 20
Just an overall amazing team . I called in because I had noticed a musty smell & some mold growing on our basement... wall. Antonio came in inspected (free of cost ) and then came up with a plan.The next day the crew came in and completed the job . The team made us feel very comfortable and assured us that we would be safe throughout the process. They truly made us feel comfortable...Very professional! Very informative ! . I would definitely recommend this company ..thank you again !read more
Cassandra Beale
Cassandra Beale
12:53 30 Apr 20
The best crew to get the dirty work done! If you're looking for experience, they have it! If you're looking for... quality, they have it, if you're looking for professionals, that's them! They're also very kind hearted and will go the extra mile to ensure that the job you want is done to your liking! If you want the job done right, this is the crew for you! I'm very satisfied with the quality of work I recivied. They were quick and efficient. If I ever have a mold problem again I will contact them.. But I probably won't because these guys are the best!read more
Brandon Tito
Brandon Tito
12:44 30 Apr 20
I contacted The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. for an ongoing issue with some mold in my basement.. The crew did an amazing... job at prioritizing my needs as a new client.. My family appreciates all the measures you have taken to ensure are safety as well as yours.. I highly recommend anyone with issues to contact the Ultimate Mold Crew as they'll take care of you!read more
Helen B
Helen B
04:47 30 Apr 20
I'm impressed with their work by far. Not a mess left after they completed the job in my basement. I HIGHLY recommend... them! Thanks again!!read more
N McCatty
N McCatty
04:24 30 Apr 20
I had the pleasure of working with the Ultimate Mold Crew. They were hired to remove mold from my attic after a water... leak. They were very considerate and professional. They go above and beyond to ensure you are pleased with their services. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs inspection or mold more
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