Air Quality Testing Services in Toronto - The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc.
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Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing Services

Serving the Toronto GTA Areas, Central Ontario & Southern Ontario

We often forget how harmful is the air we breathe in. From our homes to the office to educational institutes and more, the majority of the air is surrounded by chemicals, hazardous gasses, living organisms such as mold and pests. These pollutants affect our health in many ways such as allergies, headaches, fatigues, major diseases such as heart illnesses, cancer and more.


With our Toronto Air Quality Testing, we provide complete analysis and report of bacteria, mold/fungi and other harmful particles in the air.


Air Quality Inspection Toronto

The The Ultimate Mold Crew Inc. carries extensive research and computerized instruments, lab analysis, thermal imaging, and other rigorous investigation methods to fully examine air in your environment. We are able to dig in deep and find out cause, specific location of mold and other hidden grown particles in your surroundings. At the end of our assessment and investigation, we provide our customers with every detail, from the level and severity of mold to precautionary measures and remedies.


A lot of people often forget the fact that indoor environments can also be damaging injurious than outdoor air. Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted and leave long term effects on the health of people breathing or living in that air. Our experienced crew detects all sort of impurity in the air and provides a complete cure because we believe in safeguarding homes and enhancing the lives of our customers.

Other Services We Provide

Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition

If you don’t want it, then with the help of our demolition experts we can tare it down and dispose it off.

Drywall & Tiles

Drywall & Tiles

Our professional can also help you with Drywall or Tile installion, no matter how big or small the job is.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

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