How To Find Mold Hidden In Your Home – 5 Signs To Look For

Updated on 05-Apr-2021

If you have mold in your house it will show many signs, some of which might be a bit not too obvious. It has a damp odor associated to it. It’s not compulsory that mold is visible, it can be behind the walls, tiles, corners or behind the bed. It can seriously affect the health of the person in the vicinity of mold.

This problem starts slowly with tricky signs but can aggravate in no time causing a lot of damage to the house and health. There are many signs that can determine the presence of mold in your home in Toronto.

🧐 Strange Musty odor

🧐 Grime or slimy surface

If there is any slimy slippery surface in your house, it’s obvious that you have got mold there. However, it comes in various forms and the real problem starts when you think it is just old age dirt or mildew but if not resolved then, can get more serious.

This mostly happens in attic, bathroom surfaces, basements or other areas where the water is leaking in the pipes as in case of Air conditioner and where there is limited ventilation.

🧐 Ever flooded Home

If your home is ever flooded the chances of presence of mold in your house are more. Even if you think that you have dried out your house fully, but mold presence can be there as it grows slowly and can thrive behind any surface as plasterboard etc. Mold can grow at any surface from cloths to plastic.

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Even if you have dried out your house, get it checked from a professional to detect mold in your home in toronto at your convenience as this mold problem aggravates in no time. So its better to get your home inspected and take required steps for mold removal in toronto.

🧐 Do You Get Condensation on Your Windows?

With condensation of the windows you will get to know if your house internal environment has more water content or not. It prevents from growth of mold specifically in the areas as bathroom windows.

Make sure to ventilate the bathroom properly after taking a shower to prevent mold growth.

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