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White Mold: Types, Causes, Prevention & Its Removal [2023]

White Mold: Identification, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Have you ever stumbled upon a white, fuzzy substance lurking in the corners of your home and wondered, “What is this?” While black mold often dominates discussions about household dangers, there’s another silent invader you should be wary of: white mold. Why should you be concerned? And why […]
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Homeowners Insurance Coverage of Mold Damage – GUIDE [2023]

As a home owner or property owner in Toronto, Canada, Did you know that mold damage can wreak havoc on your property and your finances? Every year, countless property owners face the daunting task of dealing with mold infestations that can lead to significant repair costs. According to recent statistics, in Canada, a staggering 70%of […]
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