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Updated on 25-Jul-2023

⭐Water Damage Restoration Toronto

Are  you having these questions in mind?

But a constant question is what is the typical cost for water damage restoration? For calculating the cost of water damage repair toronto, several factors are to be taken into consideration.

To assure a healthy environment and attractive property, restoration of water damage by removing affected building material is necessary.

The presence of water can lead to mold contamination, risking the life of persons, and must be treated accordingly.

You should contact a water damage specialist in Toronto once the water damage becomes serious. Causing delay will only increase the cost of restoration and ignoring it may cause structural problems that are totally irreplaceable.

We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services in Toronto and the GTA including Mississauga, Brampton and more.

Ultimate Mold Crew is a certified water damage restoration company in toronto and we have assisted thousands of home and property owners through the difficult process of water damage restoration and cleanup. Our certified and skilled team has 10+ years of experience working in a variety of restoration emergencies.

Our water damage repair services also includes Toronto mold removal, mold remediation, mold inspection & indoor air quality testing toronto. We provide quick and effective restoration for your place and are here to help you with any kind of water damage.

Dealing with water damage


To begin with, shut down the water source and electricity immediately. After that assess and do water damage repair quickly.

Know the different types of waters and make sure to take proper precautions while dealing with grey or black water as they have the potential to cause hazardous diseases.

It is advisable to do the repair on your own only if it is small and is caused by clean water. Black and grey water have contaminants and cause serious health problems so you should not try to clean it up yourself.

Even if the damage caused by floods has harmed any electrical appliance and lead to fire due to short circuit, then it’s time to contact the professionals for fire and water damage restoration in toronto.

Protect your valuables: Lift all the wood furniture off the wet carpet areas and insert a tin foil under the feet to prevent them from destroying.

Cleaning up a flooded basement

If you have a flooded basement, cleaning it up must be your first priority. However if the water has accumulated deeper than 1 inch then you should call for professional help.

You may think that you will do it, but you can never do it the way professionals do. Professionals will treat your basement against pest and mold growth.

Water Damage Repair in Toronto & GTA - Flood damage Restoration & Cleanup

⭐ Water damage repair cost in Toronto

The average cost of restoring water damage due to water leakage, foods or moisture buildup could be between $3.00 to $10.00 per square foot and may be around $2,800. For an average home the estimated cost to repair water damage depends on many factors.

The extent of damage, eliminating the source of moisture, the difficulty caused in material cleaning or removal, the amount of affected material, the labour rate, construction details of the home and so many things add up in the cost calculation.

Nobody wants to deal with a bill bigger than they expected. That is why getting a professional estimate on your repairs is helpful.

⭐ Factors Affecting Cost Of Water Damage Repair in Toronto

Here are some of the factors that will impact the pricing-

  • The size of the area

The size of the area will play a critical role in determining the cost. As the area becomes larger, the cost to repair it will also be expensive. The cost for repairing a small leak in the bathroom will not be the same as a basement that has been entirely flooded.

It takes more time, material, and manpower to repair a big area that has been damaged than a few square feet of damage.

  • Cost of damaged material

Depending upon the variety of affected material, the cost of mitigation will vary. For example, repairing hardwood flooring is ample times easier than repairing carpets, walls, and trims. With ease, we mean that hardwood floors require less time-consuming labor that is associated with replacing a carpet.

⭐ Types of water damage

During water damage, the state of water can vary from clean to a biohazard. More precautions and treatments will be required to repair damage caused by much dirtier water.  There are different types of water damages such as-

Clean water damage

This is the most easy case to repair. For damage caused due to clean water, the only thing required is to concentrate on the damage.

Black water damage

The sewage water that has been in contact with the human waste is the black water. This is the worst case scenario. Cleaning it is a bit expensive as it has harmful effects and poses a serious challenge before someone who volunteers to clean it.

Grey water damage

Greywater is a little less dirty than the black one. It is the water that is used for cleaning dishes, or showering but is not mixed with the sewage water.

This water is not clean and can be harmful as well. The damage caused by this water is certainly due to some appliances in the home.

Overall Black and Grey water mitigation is a bit more expensive than clean water as it requires the need for contamination first.

Whether water is still present

If the water is still accumulated then it needs to be removed to stop the further hom decay. This will be done with the help of certain special equipment such as water pumps and moisture absorbent materials.

This will lead to an added cost. As soon as the area gets dry and all the excess water is removed, the repair process will begin.

Presence of Mold

The worst part of having water damage at home is that if it stays for a longer time, it can lead to mold and mildew. They can cause a lot of damage to your home and can even result in mold health hazards.

To prevent mold and mildew from growing, ensure that excess moisture has been removed from the damaged area.

But if they are present, an extra step adds to your water damage repair. This extra step will lead to a higher bill.

Timeline of damage

A good advice to obey is to address the water damage immediately. Acting immediately will be your first step of defense towards further damage.  The longer you wait for it, the larger the problem will grow. It will end up in a need for more repairs.

Also, mold and mildew have the possibility to develop and treating them will add another step of repair.

To minimise the cost for damage restoration purposes, call professionals immediately. The earlier they begin their work, the minimum damage you will face and the less you get to pay.

Reach out to Ultimate Mold Crew today if you want a water damage restoration at home /office in Toronto, Canada or nearby.  We repair all kinds of water damage . Our professionals address your water damage problem affordably.

⭐ People also ask:

How long does it take to repair water damage?

There can be several factors that impact the length of time which is required to completely repair water damage. From 24-72 hrs, the process can last up to several weeks.

Does water damage get worse over time?

Yes, the longer water is allowed to stay at your place, the more areas it will spoil. Water damage is a serious problem which requires immediate treatment.

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