Need For Professional Cleaning To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus?

Need For Professional Cleaning To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

Updated on 03-Dec-2021

The outbreak of this coronavirus has bought a new sense of emergency to the role of cleaning and disinfecting. The nation was locked down for months. Slowly and steadily everything is going back to normal. It has to.

As restrictions began to lift, companies are resuming operations with employee roasters. It has become vital to have a comprehensive cleaning plan to prevent the spread of coronavirus by following Tips For Protection Against Coronavirus in Home & Outdoor

With all these changes, the risk of spread of coronavirus is still there. Hiring professional covid cleaning services in Covid-19 is the need of an hour as it ensures your home or workplace is properly disinfected without taking much of your time.

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Coronavirus : spread and cleaning

 Coronavirus Prepare and Protect

This virus spreads mainly through the droplets in the air when somebody sneezes or coughs. It can be contracted when someone touches a contaminated surface and then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.

In such a situation, comes the need for proper cleaning. Don’t worry if your home or workplace is at high risk of infection, professional cleaning can put your mind at ease.

Seek the assistance of Ultimate Mold Crew, Toronto for best results. We provide services like coronavirus cleaning,   in Toronto, Canada. As professional cleaners, we take all the proper precautions to protect you and your home.

When it comes to following health and safety guidelines, our cleaners always stay alert. You can trust their knowledge and expertise.

From wearing personal protective equipment to social distancing, commercial cleaners minimize the risk of spreading the virus while on the job.

The virus can stay on metal surfaces for days, so homemade cleaning is not enough to fight it. It can be tragic if proper cleaning is not done, as the possibility of transmitting the virus from contaminated surfaces to others remains the same.

Why is professional cleaning necessary?

Coronavirus cleaning requires proper expertise and skills. All the frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, switches, tables, etc. require deep cleaning.

Professional cleaners can do such required cleaning. They have undergone significant amounts of training to do so. They know how to clean key surfaces and touchpoints to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Commercial cleaning helps in fighting this vital virus by bringing the right tools and the right experience.

To perform their jobs effectively, professionals have personal protective equipment.

Cleaning companies understand perfectly which cleaning solution is the best to use.

Ultimate mold crew has trained cleaners who know perfectly how to handle disinfectant machines properly. They use powerful disinfectants that are recommended by the EPA in the first place. UMC can provide deep cleaning for your home or workplace to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

Cleaning tools are disinfected

Thoroughly cleaning supplies is not always the top priority. Old, used or dirty cleaning tools can do more harm than good. If you do not use properly cleaned and disinfected cleaning supplies then you are spreading more germs instead of cleaning.

But, for every home or workspace, professional cleaners use new or disinfected tools. Sponges or brushes are thrown after use once. Worn gloves are also replaced as directed by health care professionals.

So, let professional cleaners take this up and save your time and efforts.

Disinfect high traffic areas and surfaces

Do you know all the high traffic areas or all the high-touched surfaces at your home or workspace? Surfaces like switches, handles are often overlooked but they can be a home to viruses and bacterias.

Professional cleaners ensure they are properly disinfected as they are trained to identify the high-traffic areas in an environment. They handle each service with a detailed checklist. The purpose of having a checklist is that nothing is left undone.

Are disinfectants used in commercial cleaning effective against Covid-19?

Mostly all the service providers use master disinfectants that are approved by EPA to fight emerging viral pathogens. This list of EPAs emerging viral pathogens is made of all the toughest disinfectants around.

The danger associated with Covid-19 has made it hard to make some definite claims about some specific cleaning products against it. But the EPA list has specific disinfectants that are approved to combat the coronavirus.

Check out all the approved disinfectants here-

How can we help?

We are a leading company in Canada for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. If you are searching for high quality professional cleaners in this pandemic then UMC is your answer.

Our team is trained to follow proper health and safety guidelines. We properly disinfect and clean your house to protect you and your home.

We understand the challenges accompanying Covid-19. Our team can work with you to fix an appointment according to your schedule. We take care of the unique needs of your home.

With online booking you can schedule your cleaning appointment with us. Feel free to call us at our helpline and our consultants will serve you.

As we pass this virus together, the following is a list of some questions that we are asked commonly.

Ques 1. Is there any product or process that can kill coronavirus for an extended virus?

Ans. As of now, there is no certified product. But there are products with antimicrobial coatings in the market which claim to keep the surfaces clear off the coronavirus for up to 90 days in just one application.

But, there is no such evidence that these work.

Ques 2.  How long can the coronavirus stay alive?

Ans. The time for which the virus can survive on any surface depends upon the nature of that surface and room temperature. But on an average it can survive from a few hours up to three days.